11 Famous Tweets

11 Famous Influencers & Their 1st Tweet

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No one starts their first tweet as a celebrity.

Almost none.

Most people start at obscurity and then grow.

And that blue tick? the official verified account, well, that comes AFTER.

Here are 11 celebrities and influencers with their first tweet which you’ll find really interesting…

Her first tweet is just an announcement of her joining the platform and that’s perfectly Ok.

You can see the skepticism while joining a new platform there.

Or is she just playing around with words? If you know her well, then it maybe a mix of both

Now, Eminem’s tweet is just plain unfathomable.

What’s that even means?

That’s a cool way to call out the tribe…

Ah, that’s just a by the way statement. Off course he believes in Twitter.

If you are still skeptical about getting your brand online then do it already.

She can say whatever she likes and we’ll still love her.

That’s more like a trip or family update but hey…whatever he likes

And the master of calculated talk doesn’t slip even here…Wise strategy there

Now that’s actually a real clever tweet as your first : )

So, there you have it.

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