On Japan, Akutagawa & Coming Super Wars

DBS: 17-10-20: On Japan, Akutagawa & Coming Super Wars

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Here’s what I found today…

I looked for best books about Japan.

Because, Japan fascinates me. A tiny country with massive impact on global economy, technology, and history. I recently saw few movies with pre-dominant Japanese Samurai themes and it intrigued me to fill the mosaic on Japan with more pieces of information and thoughts.

So, here’s what I learned about Japanese literature…

Two of the most distinguished literary awards in Japanese literature are named Akutagawa award & Naoki prize.

It was fascinating to know about Akutagawa. Sad to know that he was dead by 35. Maybe he went too deep into searching about life. (note to self: be careful, Ok?)

Anyway…. then I looked up the history of Japan and came across this video as the first result.

This is from a channel of bill wurtz who has more than 4.23 million subscribers and this video is informative n hilarious. I looked him up and followed him on Twitter.

You can do the same here.

Here’s the gist of what I learned from this video::::

Japanese have an old history pre-dating A.D calendar.

Japanese have hopped different systems and tried everything from Samurai stuff to Shogun Kingdom to Kingship and fought a ton of wars.

If not for World wars, Japan would have definitely altered the course of history to their own liking (militarily).

Japan has a rich heritage. And they’re headed for a strange and explosive future. Just ask Peter Zeihan (<Twitter link) and George Friedman (not Milton Friedman by the way…he’s a cool dude too and you don’t wanna miss what he says – trust me).

Among these authors, Peter Zeihan’s has highlighted the importance of an agreement at Bretton Woods. You can read details at the link. Why the world works the way it does today with US at the top and rest following the choir. With IMF’s managing director already heralding the Bretton Woods for the 21st century post Corona Virus Pandemic.

Interesting stuff. But back to Japan for now…

Both have written books that “warn” humanity about the coming apocalypse that’ll mushroom out of Japan.

(To be continued)

Author: Max Dylan