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Get Your FREE Website/Blog !

 *Disclosure: This post DOES contain affiliate links, which means that I get paid if you buy shit through my links, and NO it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Do you dream to writing your first blog post without slugging through the mud of setting up your website, pages, posts, permalinks, menu, images, security, anti-hacking, back up, site speed, and such shit like already?

If that’s you, worry you not.

Congratulate Thyself! You are HOME. Finally.

Here’s my FREE blog offer when you purchase a new hosting account through my Siteground partner link!

You are going to buy something anyway (and if you are new you are more than 87% likely to buy some random junk) so, why not buy through Siteground?

They are one of the best hosts recommended by WordPress guys + gals and are perfect for anyone just starting out.

With this offer, I’ll set up your WordPress website, install a beautiful theme, ensure your site is secure from hacking, so you can do what really matters; creating content on a schedule! 

If you go on a freelance portal and ask for this service, they’ll set you back by minimum $200.

I say, save that money.

What you are buying right now is the Canvas to free your fingers and imagination and get some writing practice. At least for 6 months to 1 damn Year.

Yeah, save that money but you DO need a canvas. Which means you need an affordable hosting solution to pitch your tent online and start practicing being awesome.

Don’t waste extra money on buying$100 per month hosting and themes unless you are a business or something.

Use that later to buy a good course that actually helps you start a profitable blog and skip the technical side where most newbie bloggers waste months and even years.

Time that you’ll never get back and could be spent in writing content.

*Note: This offer is ONLY valid when you purchase your Siteground hosting through my partner link. If you already have a hosting account with either Siteground or some other hosting provider, well, you are down on luck. Me too.

So, To Be Clear, This Is Exactly What You’ll Get With The Free Blog:

1. Installation of WordPress to your domain.

2. Premium WordPress theme installation.

3. Installation of critical WordPress plug-ins. 

4. Making your website secure (hack proof)

5. Setting up back ups for your site so you don’t loose your content

6. Ensuring your site loads fast (a big SEO metric checked by Google on every website)

Ready to get started? Don’t wait a second at all…

Fill out the form below!

Note: Please allow 3 business days for me to deliver the service. Yup, I take weekends off no matter how cheap I may sound. I have a LYYYYFE.

P.S Stop *ucking (mucking) around and Let me help you set up your blog for free!

Start writing dear newbie blogger. Don’t waste three fucking years choosing the perfect theme like me. O dear, that thought alone will make me binge eat now.