What is a host-post?

It’s opposite of a guest post.

You can write a post around ANY keyword of your choosing and include your affiliate links inside.

Thing is… guest blogging sucks!

Internet is drowning in same posts and that’s cyber pollution and Google is getting pissed.

Instead of everyone starting a new blog to tell others how to start a new blog, why not build an authentic platform where you can write about everyday products and services that you use.

We believe EVERYONE is an expert at something.

May it be even breaking things, or dropping them, or being just nosy or considerate.

Perfect, we say.

That means you can write about it, or talk about it and we will publish it.

PLUS: we want you to support yourself in these uncertain financial times by including your affiliate links and letting people reward you for your clear and honest review.

Do it.

So write us at and tell me what you want to host-post about.