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Lidiya K

A determined hope, making few hundred dollars here and there and with a fire in her belly to live life on her own terms, Lidiya K took matters in her own hands.

In 2016, she bought a one way ticket and moved from Bulgaria – her parent country – to Netherlands and designed her life completely from scratch.

Here’s an Interview with Lidiya K who’s a full-time blogger and lifestyle designer.

It was amazing to find out her story and all the struggle she has overcome to live the life on her own terms.

She runs her successful blog at

Let’s hear it from her…

Tell us your story….

I went from an unsatisfied personal development lover, to a freelance writer making my first money online, to a full-time blogger, business owner and lifestyle designer.

I created Let’s Reach Success where I share my journey to financial independence and help others start a side hustle and earn an income from their laptop.

About Lidiya’s Business:

When did you register your domain name and why did you choose the name “”?

I started the blog back in 2013 when I knew nothing about blogging. It wasn’t even a self-hosted WordPress site at the time, but I just needed to have a platform where I could write and share what’s on my mind (on the topic of personal growth).

At first, the domain name was called ‘follow me 2 success’, after which I switched to ‘let’s reach success’. The idea is the same, though – I’m documenting my journey and sharing resources on how to achieve more in life.

How did you find time to start this project and what were the initial roadblocks and struggles?

I was at university when I first started and simply used my free time to learn more about blogging, publish content and connect with others. It was just a hobby then and I had no idea where it could take me, so I didn’t even push myself.

Some time after that, I started dreaming bigger and wanted to earn money from my writing. So I turned to freelance writing (while still publishing on my blog and looking for ways to do it more professionally).

The first struggles were mental, mostly. And now readers and students of my courses contact me to share the same things I went through – they aren’t sure where to start, they don’t believe they can be successful and earn as much as the bloggers they see online, they think they have nothing to share and people will think they are a scam, etc.

You need to overcome those limiting beliefs by taking action and focus on the daily and weekly blogging activities that will help you see some progress.

Who maintains your website? Do you do all the work yourself or have some VA or in-house staff?

I’m the only person running the blogging business. Investing in the right tools and learning from the right experts is what has helped me automate many processes, work smarter and avoid mistakes.

You write and cover multiple productivity and lifestyle verticals, what’s the one sub niche that you love to talk and write about?

It’s interesting how the main niches I cover change depending on what I’m working on in my life. It all started with personal development back in the days as that’s what I was passionate about. Then, I began covering online business, lifestyle design and financial independence as these were my goals and I was learning so much on these topics.

Now, it’s blogging, side hustles, being your own boss, entrepreneurship, finance, etc. I love all these but currently blogging is what I also create courses around as it’s what I know most about.

Your best social media channel(s) in terms of generating traffic and engagement?


What’s your main traffic source? Organic, Paid or Social Media?

My main one has always been free organic traffic from Google. In the last years, I also focused on Pinterest and now have steady traffic from there too but don’t rely on it heavily as social media isn’t something we can control at all times.

Organic traffic is amazing and takes a lot of work. It’s a long-term investment though and that’s why many bloggers tend to skip it.

But what I teach students of my courses is to combine SEO with Pinterest marketing. Meaning, they should always work on the long-term strategy of bringing traffic from Google to their blog by writing great content and optimizing it, but can also get visitors to a new blog quickly using Pinterest and get their business off the ground.

Can you tell us about your email list size?

My email list was getting closer to 5,000 subscribers recently but I cleaned it (removed cold subscribers), after which it was down to 3,500. I want to make sure only the right people stay on it.

Do you have any favorite influencer whose success you wanted to emulate or did you strike out on your own?

I follow many bloggers in different niches and take their courses, study their business, read their emails, interview them for my blog, etc. All I do is my own version of it, though – using my own voice, testing things, using new tools.

What is your favorite productivity app or routine, if you use one?

I don’t use apps for that. I’ve experimented with all kinds of routines, habits, mindset shifts and lifestyle changes over the years and kept the ones that produced results. Here are some of my top productivity habits.

Why so many blogs fail and what one action is critical to the success of any blog?

Most blogs fail because people give up way too soon. Some focus on getting a lot of content out there but don’t do much to distribute it, so they don’t see traffic and leave the whole project behind.

Others don’t monetize early on and wait for things to happen instead of growing an email list and actually selling something while growing their blog.

It’s fine not to have it all figured out from the start. But please, don’t give up on your blog before you’ve unleashed its full earning potential. And that takes years.

Your best advice for starters who want to change their life by starting their blogs and to get their finances in order?

Start the blog today. Seriously, today.

So many people contact me for months or years and say they still haven’t started a blog because they want to find the perfect niche and domain name first, to learn more, to take yet another course, etc.

I say start the blog and learn as you go.

If you had to start all over again, what would you change, do better or totally skip?

I can say I should have started my email list and invested in better tools (and courses) earlier. But I guess I wasn’t mentally ready for it yet, so that’s fine.

Are you satisfied with where you are now in terms of success of your blog and what are the plans for the future?

Yes. At any level, I try to love the life I live and enjoy the work I do and be mindful of what I’m doing at any moment. That helps to live without regrets and be absolutely satisfied with where you are.

At the same time, of course, I have big and small goals and keep the long-term vision in mind. In terms of blogging, these are connected to mastering email marketing, making my blogging courses even better, growing a team of dedicated affiliates, and reaching my target audience and helping them in any way I can. All this takes a ton of work and I enjoy every part of it.

How did this idea of courses come up and what’s your best course to-date?

I think courses are a next logical step in a blogger’s journey. In fact, I could have done it much earlier. But instead, I made many mistakes along the way and tested quite many things. I was freelancing for a long time in the first years, then publishing eBooks, then focusing on sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

It wasn’t until I began taking courses and seeing how great that format is, that I actually realized I could create one of my own. It’s still content creation and publishing, I already had a lot to share, and there’s a big demand for courses out there now. So it was a matter of time to choose the exact topic, outline everything, get the content out there, and start telling the world about it.

My best course to-date is definitely Financial Freedom Through Blogging simply because I’ve poured my heart into it and it’s the most actionable, honest and detailed resource I’ve ever created. It literally shares ALL a person needs to not just build a blog, grow it and monetize it strategically, but also get to $5K/month, turn it into a real online business and use it to live their best life..

Do you think courses are a good way for newcomers to get hip fast or they should take their time and get information from across the Internet at their own pace and choosing?

Both are possible. The first way might require a little investment though and the desire to implement anything you learn from a course.

Because a product like that (assuming it’s from someone who knows what they are doing and has a proven track record of success) provides ALL the information in the most convenient way. You don’t need to do your own research (at least not as much as you’d have to without a course), all the steps and tips are organized in an easy to digest way, and you also get a behind the scenes look at the person’s exact business model and journey.

I’m investing in new courses every year and am amazed at how much more there is to learn about online business. So if you’re serious about this, you should choose the right program and join.

Take a Look at Lidiya’s TOP Courses below…

Financial Freedom through blogging

1K Blogger

Blog Planner Printables

About Lidiya’s Life:

Tell us about a typical day in the life of the CEO of ?

I wake up in my studio in a building for young professionals in an amazing neighborhood in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and thank for having this as it’s all thanks to my online income. It allowed me to become location independent, move to this country, and live in a great place.

I start the day slowly and get to work shortly after as that’s when I have the most focus and energy to dedicate to it.

I would work 4-5 hours and what I do depends on the current things going on in my blogging business. Right now, that means adding more modules to the new course for beginner bloggers I recently released ($1K Blogger) and updating all sections of my premium course Financial Freedom Through Blogging.

I’m also releasing new content weekly, emailing my audience once a week, taking a course on email marketing, and have a few affiliate marketing campaigns coming soon which I need to prepare for.

When you think of the word “successful”, who’s the first person that comes to mind, and why?

My mentors back in the days whom I admired so much and who helped me shape my mindset were people like Tim Ferriss, Mark Manson and a few others (mostly men in their 30s who were lifestyle designers and lived a pretty unconventional life).

While I still follow them and have a lot of respect for their way of thinking, I now tend to learn directly from people in my niches, who’ve started from nothing and have built a thriving business. These are powerful women like Brooke Castillo (seriously, check her out and learn from her!), Amy Porterfield, Melyssa Griffin, Natalie Bacon, etc.

What is something that you believe which other people think is insane?

That anyone can become their own boss by starting an online business with no experience, initial capital, connections or technical knowledge 🙂

What is the book you’ve given most as a gift? And do you read business books?

That would be Mark Manson’s ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck’. I do read business books, yes, although it’s often content related to business on blogs or podcasts.

Which purchase of <$100 has most positively impacted your life in the last 6 months?

A business bundle I purchased for exactly $100 which had over 70 courses on blogging, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, social media, finance, and more.

What does the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

I spend the first hour slowly, making coffee and tea, taking a shower, and stretching.

What is the worst advice you see being dispensed in your field?

People are in a rush to start a blog to make money and don’t think about providing value through publishing a lot of free content first.

What life advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

As anyone else, there are plenty of things I could have done differently. But I’m so glad I followed my passion and turned it into an online business and that I devoted myself to lifelong learning, that I try to make peace with my past and accept that things happened exactly the way they had to happen.

Here are Lidiya’s Lifestyle Design/Productivity Courses…

Life Planner Kit

Next Level Productivity

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