Roshan Perera

How Roshan Changed His Life By Building a Freelancing Lifestyle

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We asked Roshan who runs a successful freelancing business how he turned around his life by ditching a 9 to 5 career and became his own boss. 

My Story

I’m Roshan, a full-time freelance writer and content strategist located in Sri Lanka.

After going through several demeaning day jobs, I started working online as a freelancer.

And it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been freelancing for over 7 years now and it basically turned my life upside down.

I used to work as a graphic designer at a local advertising agency. And then as a writer for a tech magazine.

I even founded my own small startup that ended up going nowhere. But it’s freelancing that stuck with me.

Over the years, I noticed that many others who get started as freelancers often struggle to get clients and build a lasting career as a freelancer.

So I started my blog, Freelancing Hacks, to share my own personal journey and help others find financial freedom.

My Website/Blog

On Monetization

When did you make your first $ online?

I built several other blogs and websites before starting Freelancing Hacks. My first website was a tech news website (no longer active). I earned my first paycheck from Google thanks to that site. It was about $300 USD.

What is your present monthly income from this blog?

FreelancingHacks is generating a decent income but I don’t really keep track of this since it’s more of a passion project for me. My main income is still freelancing.

Best Tools & Resources I Recommend

Best Blogging Platform is the best platform if you’re serious about blogging.

Best WordPress Hosting

Siteground has great customer support. But their prices have gotten way too expensive lately. For beginners who just want to try out blogging, try a platform like Hostinger. They have really cheap hosting with decent features.

Best WordPress Theme

It’s difficult to recommend a theme, so I’ll recommend Elementor. It’s a page builder plugin you can use to build your own themes and pages.

Best WordPress Plugins

Security Plugins

Wordfence is good. But more importantly, pick a web host that has built-in security systems.

SEO Plugins

YoastSEO is still the best at SEO

Optimization Plugins

WPRocket offers great tools for caching and speed optimization

Site Speed Plugins

Again, WPRocket

Site Management


Uptime Robot


Social Scheduling

SEO & Keyword Research



Best Productivity Tools




Google Keep

Best Email Marketing Tools


Analytics & Tracking

Google Analytics

Writing & Content Creation


Google Docs

Branding, Video Creation & Visual Marketing



Best Courses I Offer

Don’t have a course yet, but I’m working on one. Until then, you can check out my eBook Freelance Like a Pro

Advice for Starters

My best advice for starters who want to change their life by online business is ….

Don’t start for the wrong reasons.

Earning money online requires hard work, dedication, and a strong will to keep going no matter what.

Instagram bloggers and YouTubers make it seem easy and glamorous.

As a result, many people start blogs, YouTube channels, and freelancing while hoping for a shortcut to earn money quickly and easily. But it’s quite the opposite.

Start your business by preparing for the long road ahead. Don’t expect overnight success. Be willing to trade your weekends for long nights sitting in front of your computer.

More importantly, don’t take advice from anyone who hasn’t done the work already.

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