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Best Blogging Tools to Start Your Blog Today

Welcome to the resource section of

This is a hand-picked list of the best online tools to launch and grow your online business.

I have tested and fully recommend every product listed on this page. I either currently use most of these resources myself or they have been part of my online journey.

Before you start trying them, here is an important disclosure:

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. It means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase one of them with my link.

Please know that I have happy experience of all the resources below either for myself or building businesses for my clients and therefore recommend them with complete confidence. I also really appreciate my readers using these links as they allow me to run this blog and provide free content to my readers.


It all starts with a name.

Even is a 6 letter name once bought for pocket change that managed to become one of the most valuable online company ever and part of our daily lives.

Whatever is your plan, ambition, idea or business outlook, unless you hook it with a name…you are just playing around and are not serious to create something you can be proud of few years from now.

Selecting a good brand name is a science in itself and I would recommend you to do some brainstorming before settling on something.

One good exercise is to play with idea name generators or just putting your idea with a .com extension in a domain availability checking tool and see where it takes you.

You can check your idea by going here and putting in the random names.

That’s the homepage of and I have bought my every single domain name from them except my first which was from godaddy and was a mistake.

They have excellent customer support in case you ever need them (which you likely won’t) because their dashboard is simple and instructions are clear.

Hosting Providers (Your Real Estate in the Cloud)

For starters the first two choices are more than enough. Stay with them for a year or so to learn the ropes of blogging and develop other productive habits without paying extra right out of gate when you hardly have much traction or clients/subscribers.


Siteground is what this website runs on and this is what I always recommend to all the new bloggers.

And here are the reasons:

They are FAST. They are secure. Their customer support is one of best across this industry.

And they are recommended by the WordPress guys themselves.

You can see the proof here.

WPX Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting Online

WPX Hosting: Once your website traffic starts to take off, you WILL need to upgrade to a high-performance web host like WPX hosting.

They are the next logical step for all blogs getting more than 10k site visitors.

They are WordPress specialists and their servers are honed to deliver super fast user experience.

In fact many sites report double and triple their previous conversions just by changing and upgrading to a faster web host. (Highly recommended for sites with consistent traffic)

IMP: Please read the detailed interview with the founder and CEO of WPXhosting Terry Kyle here.

We go into the deep details of why and how he managed to go up against a deeply entrenched hosting industry with a superior product and beat them.


You have to install a WordPress theme before you can play with the page builders.

Unless, it’s divi theme which comes with her own page builder embedded right within.

And the best choice to do it is to start with a FAST theme that has ton of customization available even in FREE version.

Here are my top 2 choices and I recommend them to most of my consulting clients.

Generate Press

With a five start ratings of more than 3,000 and counting, generate press is light weight, fast and bug free. It also has all the customization that a newbie blogger will ever need for their first year.

Get the FREE version here


The other best choice for anyone not looking to bury their new website under the load of useless code, clunky builder options is to get Astra. Again, it’s more than 2,000 5 start ratings are not for nothing. WordPress developers are a nosy lot and they don’t spare a theme if it has bloat. Astra has done remarkably well to escape their wrath.

Get the FREE version here

Page Builders

Elementor (WordPress page builder)

Elementor lets you easily customize your  website, without touching ANY code. Highly recommended for anyone starting out.

They are the only page builder that consistently gets 5 star reviews from across the whole ecosystem of WordPress. Their basic version is FREE to start and use. You can get started here. And unless you are going for a big website with lots of customization, you won’t need their pro version (initially).



For a quite long time, you’re gonna design everything yourself. Learn Canva.

It’s a lifesaver.

At least you must know how to add and optimize your brand kit. I do that all myself, still and I am almost color blind (just saying : ))

Canva (freemium): No matter what you’re looking to design, from blog post images to video thumbnails for Youtube and even custom images for Instagram, Canva can do it all for you. It’s free to use with a paid upgrade option available which you will probably eventually end up using because it’s only $10 a month.

Get it FREE Here

Email Marketing


ConvertKit (course creators/bloggers)

What comes closest to looks of aweber but is far more budget friendly and offers a lot of extra features is ConvertKit.

The fact that it was built ground up by Nathan Barry to solve the common problems of unnecessary clutter and useless features certainly helps.

I totally recommend them to all the new bloggers and think this is one of THE most critical tools to use in whole of the blogging arsenal.

Get your 14 day FREE trial here


Ah, the Aweber.

The deceptively plain looks of aweber hide one of the best email marketing beasts out there. In fact I have seen almost ALL of the email gurus use this service and if anything, aweber personifies the saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.


Having said that, when you are starting and likely penny pinching (like I was, for a very long time), the additional (and recurring) cost of even $15 per month hurts.

And as you don’t have many subscribers at start anyway, it screws with your mind to justify it. I’ll recommend definitely going with Aweber when you cross say 10K subscribers and especially for those who don’t want any fancy automation and funnels.


You website is your one of the greatest asset you can build in 21st century. Take care of it so it can take care of you. Secure it from wolves prowling online for a chance to hold your prize ransom by these amazing tools.

I would recommend at the minimum installing Wordfence plugin in your new site and secure it against malicious login and hacking attempts.

Get the FREE version here

Back Up

Unless you plan on getting a heart attack, please back up your website.

This is going to be your single biggest asset if you grow and nurture it and there’s nothing worse than seeing your hard work vanish.

First off, go with web hosts who offer daily back ups like Siteground.

It’s a huge relief knowing that your years if hard work is safe.

And that should be enough for your initial 1 to 2 years.