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This page is almost verbatim inspired by Nate Liason of and

Both are two of my favorite websites.

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I can build a mean website for you. Like say, a personal blog like this at NO cost to you at all.

All you have to do is to go here and follow instructions.

This is by far the best way to support me.


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This one is super simple.

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There are also some specific products and tools I regularly recommend that give me a little kickback when you buy or sign up for them after clicking through my link.

Here they are in no particular order.


Of 20+ domains that I have bought over the years and mostly discarded, each and everyone has been bought through namecheap. They are just amazing. No hassle. No gimmicks. Great support and simplest to follow instructions.


Siteground is what this website runs on and this is what I always recommend to all the new bloggers.

And here are the reasons:

They are FAST. They are secure. Their customer support is one of best across this industry.

And they are recommended by the WordPress guys themselves.

You can see the proof here.

WPX Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting Online

WPX Hosting: Once your website traffic starts to take off, you WILL need to upgrade to a high-performance web host like WPX hosting.

They are the next logical step for all blogs getting more than 10k site visitors.

They are WordPress specialists and their servers are honed to deliver super fast user experience.

In fact many sites report double and triple their previous conversions just by changing and upgrading to a faster web host. (Highly recommended for sites with consistent traffic)

IMP: You can also read an in-depth interview with the founder and CEO of WPXhosting Terry Kyle here.

We go deep into why and how he managed to go up against a deeply entrenched hosting industry with a superior product and beat them at their own game.

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